The Wood-Cheneau Rigo (WCR) spinal orthosis is a thermoplastic brace uniquely constructed to bring the trunk and spine into the optimal postural alignment. The pressure points and expansion areas are located, shaped and oriented to apply pressure to selected regions of the trunk, bringing the patient into the best possible 3-dimensional correction while maximizing comfort. The WCR brace concept employs regional derotation, using an unique pressure-system to guide frontal plane alignment and sagittal plane profile balance. Through this design, the WCR prevents lordotization of the spine while treating the patient’s scoliosis.

Learn how the WRC brace can help reduce the pain and physical restrictions brought on by scoliosis. All of your inquiries regarding this ground-breaking solution, including queries about how it operates and who might profit from it, are addressed in our exhaustive guide. Find out how the WRC brace may enhance your quality of life and give you the power to take charge of your spinal health by reading the FAQs.

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WCR Brace - Boulder WCR Clinic
WCR Brace
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