Clinical Photo Criteria

  • Take photos against a plain backdrop/empty wall. (Grid, laser line and waist string are not required)
  • Have the patient wear something that will still show the entire back/spine and hips clearly, such as an open back bathing suit or a bra with a very narrow strap.
  • Pants/shorts need to be snug so the outline of the torso and hips is clearly visible (no baggy or bunched up clothing).
  • Pictures should be taken to include at least the ear level to the ends of the fingertips.
  • Take photos of the patient’s front (the face can be left out), right side, left side, and back, with arms hanging loosely at the side.
  • Take two additional photos with the arm across the chest so the side of the body is visible.
  • Please ensure the photos are a high resolution (3MB or higher), not blurry and have good lighting.

Example of a Clinical Photo Set

Out of Brace

In Brace

Boulder WCR Clinic
WCR Brace - Boulder WCR Clinic
WCR Brace
Boulder WCR Clinic